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心理测试揭穿谎言 受贿8...

This website is devoted to those every where who pursue the truth through the use of the in polygraph process. Here we would like to share with you our latest
technical developments both hardware and software,
and the achievements of those who use our " Chinese Polygraph " on a daily basis.

chinses anit-corruption use the PG polygraph
The whole defense department psychology testing se...
A series of PG polygraph pass the appraisal by th...
The emphasis subject of nation "judicial psycholog...
Ministry of Public Security Forensic personnel vis...
Dr. David Raskin is guest speaker at the first pol...
PG LUX22型心理测试仪
PG LUX20型心理测试仪
PG LUX6型心理测试仪
PG LUX4型心理测试仪
PG LUX3型心理测试仪
PG-18型 十五道心理测试仪(测谎仪)
PG-16型 十二道心理测试仪(测谎仪)
PG-15型 十一道心理测试仪(测谎仪)
PG-13型 八道心理测试仪(测谎仪)
PG-12型 七道心理测试仪(测谎仪)
PG-10A型 六道心理测试仪(测谎仪)
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